The support your business needs

A range of services to help companies thrive at every stage of their growth

No matter how much experience a company has in its leadership team, there are times when independent, external input can make a positive impact. The diverse experience within the Ambro Partners team means it can offer valuable support for businesses at every step of their journey.


Starting up

Early stage assistance for new or recent entrants

Defining a new concept

Taking a new business idea and clarifying it into a coherent, executable business plan.

Market modelling

Putting the framework in place to build upon your business plan, including market analysis, workflow optimisation and customer behaviour modelling.

Financial planning

Building a realistic financial strategy for your business ahead of seeking early stage funding.

Improve and grow

Support for businesses looking to expand their horizons

Expansion support

Top-to-bottom analysis of company operations and workflow to ensure the fundamentals are in place to support business expansion.

Business streamlining

Hands-on engagement to implement more efficient working practices and a more effective company structure.

Financial review

A comprehensive look at the current financial models and business plan to identify areas for improvement.

Prepare and sell

Ensuring the fundamentals are in place ahead of an investment or exit

Investment preparation

Reviewing company structure, operations and existing systems to ensure that your business is in the right place to receive additional investment.

Intelligent funding

Guidance through investment processes such as EIS Advance Assurance, as well as providing introductions to and advice about potential investors who might be suitable for your business.

Exit strategy planning

Support in preparing your business for a founder's exit, as well as assistance in finding the right buyer so the company remains in safe hands.

Ongoing support

Companies that grow quickly often have management teams which have had little time to work on their businesses. Ambro Partners offers part-time Director services to give clients space to work on – not just in – their businesses.

Financial Director

A part time FD is enormously useful when looking to overhaul systems and direction for a set duration or project. 

There is great value in this service for clients who have invested in a business but have lost faith in the current management team.

Commercial Director

Commercial directors focus on data driven commercial decisions – something often missing in growth-focused businesses. 

A part-time CD can implement the necessary analysis framework and tools to aid you in making informed commercial decisions.